Terms & Conditions


Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully as they apply when hiring vehicles from Van Hire Genie.


  1. Vehicle images are for guidance only and may differ from the supplied vehicle. Vehicle measurements and descriptions are approximate.. All vehicles rented will be supplied as per the category of vehicle and specific makes/models cannot be guaranteed. If the requested vehicle is not available at the time of Pick up/Delivery, an alternative vehicle of the same category or greater rental value will be supplied. We do not offer any guarantee on the make or model of the vehicle you will receive. VAN HIRE GENIE reserves the right to refuse any rental and to cancel any bookings due to the serious inclement of weather and operational problems beyond their control. VAN HIRE GENIE also reserves the right to change terms and conditions without any notice. FOR FURTHER DETAILS PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL BRANCH.


  1. All Drivers must be between the age of 25-70 years for the rental of Cars/Vans/Minibuses /MPVs/Sports/Prestige/4×4 vehicles.
  2. All drivers must have minimum driving experience of 2 years for the rental of Car/Van/Minibuses and 3 years for Sports/Prestige/4×4 vehicles.
  3. Licence restrictions may apply. Please consult the rental office for more information.


  1. Full UK Driving Licence (front & rear) with DVLA Code or EU Driving Licence (front & rear) or Full Non-UK/Non-EU Driving Licence along with International Driving Permit
  2. Address Proofs (2 proofs required) Utility Bill (3 months validity) & Bank Statement (3 months validity) & Council Tax (3 months validity)
  3. All drivers must have a full driving licence for minimum of two (2) years which entitles the driver to drive the Vehicle.
  4. We reserve the right to refuse the rental of the Vehicle if any of the Driver has received an endorsement for dangerous driving, driving whilst drunk or on drugs, theft or unauthorised taking of vehicles or if you have been disqualified for twelve (12) months or more or if you have more than 6 current points on your licence (minor offences only).
  5. We will refuse the rental of the Vehicle if any of the Driver has the endorsements of AC, BA, CD, DD, DR, IN, UT and TT (within five (5) years of offence); or has had two (2) or more periods of disqualification.
  6. We reserve the right to not refund any sums paid by you to us (except for any Deposit that has been paid) if the correct documentation is not provided.


  1. You shall return the Vehicle in the same condition as was identified in the Vehicle Inspection Report (fair wear and tear accepted).
  2. You must return the Vehicle to the agreed location and on agreed return date & time.
  3. You will remain liable for the Vehicle until the keys for the Vehicle have been handed to our representative and the Vehicle Inspection Report is signed by you. If you return a Vehicle to any of our premises outside Business hours, you must leave the keys in a location that we have agreed in advance and the Vehicle will be your responsibility until the time at which the delivery location agreed by us opens for business and you shall be liable to us for any and all losses we suffer during this time.
  4. You shall have a grace period of 59 minutes to return the vehicle. Failing to return the vehicle within the grace period will incur additional charges to be determined by our rental office. If you return the vehicle earlier than the agreed return date, no refund will be made.
  5. Rentals may be extended subject to availability by contacting the rental office and arranging an extension during time of original rental. Failure to do so will result in vehicle being uninsured and further charges may apply.
  6. Please also see our rights of termination that explains the circumstances in which we may demand the immediate return of the Vehicle.


  1. You must return the vehicle with the same fuel level you received at the beginning of the rental. If you do not return the Vehicle with the same fuel level, you shall be liable to pay Re-fuel Surcharge (the cost of putting any additional fuel into the Vehicle together with an Admin Charge) plus VAT thereon. No credit will be given for unused fuel or for fuel more than that initially provided by us.
  2. ADBLUE: Please note that some of the vehicle require AdBlue. AdBlue is used to reduce NOx emissions in vehicles. AdBlue converts harmful NOx from your diesel vehicle exhaust into harmless nitrogen and steam, therefore considerably reducing the emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) that are a major source of atmospheric pollution. AdBlue is available at any local petrol station and it is the customers responsibility to top it up if needed.
  3. INCORRECT FUEL: If the driver or someone else fill the Vehicle with the incorrect fuel, you shall be responsible for paying the cost of all repairs required to the Vehicle as a result and is not covered under insurance excess/any insurance package.
  4. Unlimited mileage should be as per the Fair Usage Policy of 100 miles per day applicable to all the rentals of MPV’s and Commercial Vehicles. Extra charges applicable for more than allocated mileage used will be £0.20p plus VAT per mile.


  1. Van Hire Genie cannot be held responsible for any delays for vehicle going to Europe, missed Ferry or Euro Tunnel, please allow enough time for your journey. This also includes if we provide vehicle VRM and is different upon delivery or office collection we will not be held responsible.
  2. Van Hire Genie cannot be held responsible for any legal requirements for driving vehicles in Europe for any category’s, any vehicles impounded/seized will be collected at the drivers/hirers cost.
  3. Van Hire Genie cannot be held responsible for any TAX/DUTYS incur by hirer/driver when entering to Europe or non-Europe countries.


  1. During the Rental Period you shall:
    1. keep the Vehicle fully protected and secured at all times;
    2. not attempt to nor give anyone legal rights over the Vehicle;
  • if applicable, register and pay for any days the Vehicle will operate in the congestion zone in London in accordance with Congestion Charging Law;
  1. Pay all the Parking Tickets/Traffic Fines/Toll Charges. Additional Admin Charges applies if we receive any unpaid Penalty Charge Notices/Traffic Fines/Toll Charges.
  2. check on a daily basis the engine oil level, water level in radiator, washers and wipers, lights, wheel nuts and brake fluid level, tread depth and inflation on all tyres;
  3. ensure the Vehicle is driven using reasonable skill and care and in accordance with any applicable road use rules (including the Highway Code and other applicable laws);
  • ensure that no smoking is carried out in a Vehicle; ensure that the Vehicle is not used by any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs; and
  • if requested by us make the Vehicle available for inspection, service or repair work.
  1. During the Rental Period you shall ensure that the Vehicle is not used:
    1. for business or commercial use including for the carriage of passengers for hire or reward;
    2. for any illegal purpose or in contravention of any Regulations affecting the Vehicle, its use or construction;
  • for any off-road driving (including competitive racing of any nature);
  1. airside or on any part of an aerodrome or airport;
  2. to propel or tow any other vehicle or trailer without our prior written permission; and
  3. outside of the United Kingdom unless permitted by us in writing.
  1. You shall ensure the Vehicle is not driven by any driver other than you and any Named Driver.
  2. You shall not modify or alter the Vehicle in any way without our prior written consent and you shall be liable for any and all costs incurred by us to reverse such modifications.
  3. You must report accidents to your local office immediately or as soon as possible after the incident
  4. You shall notify us immediately if an Insolvency Event occurs in relation to you (for example, if steps have been taken to make you bankrupt).


  1. You shall inform us immediately if any Vehicle is Damaged, a fault develops in any Vehicle (including if a warning light comes on) or a Vehicle is otherwise lost or stolen;
  2. You shall supply us with a police crime reference number if a Vehicle is stolen;
  3. You shall, at our request:
  4. carry out all acts and things as may be reasonably required by us for the purpose of repairing or recovering a Vehicle;
  5. enforce any rights or remedies against or obtaining relief from other parties;
  • deliver to us every document of any kind received by you relating to any claim involving the Vehicle where an accident or incident has occurred;
  1. provide all assistance as is reasonably required by us in relation to the defence or investigation of any claim involving the Vehicle where an accident or incident has occurred including not aiding or abetting any claim against us; and
  2. ensure all information is accurate, complete and not misleading.
  3. You acknowledge and agree that:
  4. You are not entitled to make any claim against us for loss of or damage to any property left stored or transported in or upon the Vehicle.
  5. If any act or omission or failure to comply with these Terms & Conditions by you causes or contributes to the invalidation of the manufacturer’s warranty of the Vehicle, you will be responsible for any or all costs incurred by us that are associated with this invalidation.
  6. In an event of the incident or damage or theft or loss, we may retain the insurance excess or security deposit. Once the repair/recharge is carried out or claim is settled, the retained amount is adjusted against the repair/recharge/claim and the remaining amount (if any) shall be refunded.
  7. If the vehicle is returned with damage, you will be sent the cost of repair for the damage and you will be liable to pay for it in full. If the repair cost is more than the security deposit then the company will withhold the security deposit and give you 14 days to pay for the additional cost of the damage thereafter you give us consent to charge your card provided if the outstanding is not settled. If for any reason the outstanding payment is not authorised the company can issue legal proceeding against you at the hirers/drivers cost.
  8. Hidden Damage: Some damage will not be apparent on post-rental inspection, such as damage caused to inaccessible parts of the vehicle (e.g. the engine, fuel tank or clutch) or hidden by adverse light or weather conditions. We reserve the right to re-inspect the vehicle at our premises for such hidden damage and if we find any such damage, you will remain liable for them.
  9. Any queries regarding damage need to be addressed to damage-claims@vanhiregenie.co.uk and one of the team members will be in touch with a response.


  1. You will be responsible for paying all the fines, which includes but not limited to: All charges and legal costs for any congestion charge, road-traffic offence or parking offence, or any other offence involving the rental vehicle, including costs from the vehicle being clamped, seized or towed away. Any fixed penalty offence committed in respect of the vehicle under the traffic acts during that rental period; and Any excess parking charge incurred in respect of the vehicle during that period by an order under section 45 or 46 of the road traffic regulation act 1984.A charge in respect of our costs of administering the penalties.
  2. We may pay Penalty Charges/Traffic Fines/Toll Charges (including speeding fine) commenced by you and invoice you for it. You agree that we may deduct from your credit/debit card account the amount of such fixed penalty of charges.
  3. In some cases, we may supply your details to the issuing authority who will contact you directly in relation to the fine.
  4. We will charge you an administration fee of £65.00 + VAT in respect of the processing of these penalty charge notices/parking charges/toll charges/traffic fines.


  1. Your use of the Vehicle is covered by the terms & conditions of our insurance policy. The insurance policy meets all legal requirements and protects you against legal claims from any person for death or personal injury or damage to any other person’s property caused using the Vehicle. Exclusions to the policy will be Overhead height damage, tyre damage, under carriage damage and windscreen damage
  2. You must comply with these Terms & Conditions so that our insurance policy is not invalidated. Our insurance does not protect you for loss or damage to the Vehicle caused by driver, negligence or breach of these Terms. If our insurance cover is declined as a result of your, or any Named Driver’s, actions or omissions or any failure to comply with these Terms, you will be required to pay us any and all reasonable costs and losses that we incur or suffer as a result. This includes the paying us for all our reasonable costs caused by any claim against us or our insurers including:
    1. paying the value of the replacement of Vehicle; and/or
    2. paying the cost of repair of the Vehicle.
  3. You shall be responsible for any and all loss we suffer if you damage the roof of the Vehicle, Tyre, Windscreen or under-carriage. The cost of such damage is excluded from the insurance and you will be required to pay the full insurance excess in that case.
  4. If you choose to accept collision damage waiver, then your liability (and that of any additional driver) in respect of any such losses will be limited to the amount of money shown on the rental agreement.
  5. If you choose to decline collision damage waiver you will be liable for any and all losses described for this agreement up to the value of the excess on the vehicle, whether or not you/named driver were at fault.
  6. COMPANY OWN INSURANCE (COI): If your business would like to insure the vehicle then we must obtain a copy of the company’s insurance certificate in advance. The insurance provided must be fully comprehensive and will be held on our file. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the vehicle supplied is then registered on the Motor Insurance Database for the duration of hire.
  7. In the inclement of weather, your liability shall remain upto the standard insurance excess, even if you reduced your liability by purchasing the excess reduction/extra cover. Van Hire Genie reserves the right to cancel any or all excess reduction/extra cover in the inclement of weather.


  1. You shall pay to us in accordance with these Terms:
    1. the Rental Charges;
    2. any Additional Charges; and
    3. any other amount due to us by you under these Terms, (together the “Charges”).
  1. You shall pay all Rental Charges (as well as any other Charges) notified at the time of Booking before or at the time of rental via credit or debit card or bank transfer.
  2. We accept payment by all credit or debit cards. Transaction fees may be applicable.
  3. You will also be liable to provide a security deposit of £350/£500/£1200 (depending upon the size of vehicle) using a valid credit or debit card of the main driver before we release the vehicle.
  4. Any other Charges will be deducted from the Card/Security Deposit provided on return of the Vehicle. If such other Charges exceed the Deposit or only become apparent after the Deposit (or part thereof) has been refunded, you shall pay such other charges within seven (7) Business Days from the date of the invoice issued.
  5. We shall have the right to deduct any amount due from you to us from any amount that we owe or is due to you from us (known, in legal terms, as a right to set-off).
  6. All payments shall be made in British Pounds (GBP-£).
  7. You will require to fill up the credit/debit card consent form and agree the terms and conditions of it. Terms and conditions of the consent form will form a part of general terms and conditions.
  8. Payments must be authorized by the cardholder named in the booking. We withhold the right to cancel your booking without prior notice if we reasonably suspect that you or the cardholder are associated with any kind of fraudulent activity.
  9. We reserve the right to claim interest, compensation and reasonable costs under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 and it is agreed that the term implied by that Act shall apply after any judgment as well as before. Any reference to the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 is also a reference to any amendment, modification or re-enactment of it. If for any reason the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 does not apply interest shall be payable on overdue amounts at 8% over the Bank of England Base Rate from time to time.
  10. Without prejudice to our right to claim costs under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998, if for any reason any payment is not made when due we reserve the right to be paid on an indemnity basis any costs we incur in recovering any money due under this contract (and the costs of recovering such costs) including our administrative costs and any costs incurred with lawyers or debt collection agencies. Our administrative costs may include the cost of employing the staff concerned and the overheads attributable to them for the time spent. In calculating our administrative costs credit will be given for any compensation due under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.


  1. If the keys to any Vehicle are lost by you, we may need to replace the full lock set in the Vehicle for security reasons. In such circumstances you will be responsible for the cost of doing so.
  2. If we are required to provide roadside assistance, or repair or recover the Vehicle, we may charge you for doing so unless the issue is not caused or contributed to by you. You may be charged a call out fee plus the cost of repairs. The circumstances in which you may be charged include, but are not limited to, the following situations:
    1. The wrong fuel is placed in the Vehicle;
    2. The Vehicle lights are left on;
  • A puncture occurs;
  1. A windscreen/roof/under-carriage is damaged;
  2. The Vehicle is damaged; and/or
  3. An accident or incident occurs.
  1. If roadside assistance is required, please call the contact numbers provided for breakdown recovery. In the case that you are unable to contact with the nominated breakdown assistance company, please contact the Van Hire Genie branch location that issued your rental vehicle.
  2. Please note in any vehicle breakdown in Europe the roadside assistance is provided to a customer and the assistance will take you to your next destination. The break down assistance company will not provide you with a courtesy car as the charge for courtesy car is entirely different to a breakdown assistance cover.


All hire charges and additional extras included tax/VAT at the rate of 20% or Current VAT Rate


  1. You will comply with the terms & conditions of the relevant insurance policies if you purchase any insurance and/or waivers mentioned in this agreement or if you insured through us for Third Party liability.
  2. Apart from fair and tear or damaged caused by Acts of Gods you will (regardless of fault) be responsible for any or all loss of or damage to the vehicle (including any reduction in value of the vehicle that remains after repair).
  3. In the case of loss of the vehicle or theft of the vehicle, you will also pay any loss of rental income. Our loss of rental income will be charged at the prevailing rate applicable to the rental in question until repairs are completed or, if the vehicle is lost, stolen or beyond economic repair, until the time as we reach settlement with you and payment is received by us.  In addition, you must pay any income and fees, storage fees, towing costs and any reasonable administration costs of processing any of these claims.
  4. You agree to comply with the use restrictions in this agreement.
  5. We will not be liable to you, or any Named Driver, under this contract for any loss or damage caused by us or our employees in circumstances where:
    1. there is no breach of a legal duty of care owed to you by us or by any of our employees;
    2. such loss or damage is not a reasonably foreseeable result of any such breach; and
  • any increase in loss or damage results from a breach by you of any term & conditions of this contract.
  1. You agree not to use or allow the Vehicle to be used for any commercial or business purpose (including for the carriage of passengers for hire or reward) and we have no liability to you for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption, loss of anticipated savings or interest, loss of earnings, loss of margin, loss of use, loss of contract, loss of goodwill or loss of reputation.
  2. We will not be liable to you, or any Named Driver, for any loss of or damage to property left, stored or transported in or upon a Vehicle unless such loss or damage was caused by our negligence.
  3. If you, or any Named Driver, fail to comply with any of these terms, you will responsible for any losses and damages we suffer as a foreseeable result of your, or a Named Driver’s, breach or negligence. This includes, for example, any losses and damages we suffer as a result of:
    1. any parking, lighting, loading or unloading offence;
    2. any breach of the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994;
  • any excess charge incurred under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984;
  1. any charges made by any statutory or regulatory body as a result of seizure of the Vehicle together with any loss of rental income arising whilst the Vehicle is seized;
  2. any liability arising under any Congestion Charge law;
  3. where applicable liability arising under any other regulations where liability is imposed on the owner; and
  • any breach of any road traffic related legislation.


  1. You may cancel any booking on or before the Start Date.
  2. 50 % cancellation fees applicable If you cancel any booking more than 72 hours before the Start Date. we will deduct cancellation charges from the sums paid by you and refund the rest amount other than any credit or debit card fees paid by us and, if applicable, any Deposit paid.
  3. Full cancellation charges applicable If you cancel Booking less than 72 hours before the Start Date. we will not refund you sums paid by you to us other than, if applicable, any Deposit paid.
  4. If you will not have turned to pick the vehicle up or refused to collect the delivery of vehicle, then the booking shall be treated as cancelled and Full cancellation charges applicable.
  5. You do not have the right to cancel any booking under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations-2013 as this is a contract for the supply of vehicle rental services.
  6. If in any case the operation is closed due to unavoidable and extreme circumstances such as war, strike, fire, pandemic, etc Van Hire Genie reserves the right to cancel the booking, and offer free of cost reschedule which will be valid for 1 year or refund 50% of the booking amount as per clause 2 above.


  1. We reserve the right to terminate any booking and repossess the Vehicle(s) (at your expense) at any time and without giving notice for any serious breach by you, or any Named Driver, of these Terms & Conditions, or if we reasonably believe you, or any Named Driver, are in serious breach of these Terms & Conditions.
  2. Upon termination of a Booking you will immediately return the Vehicle or Vehicles to which the booking relates to one of our local depots or our duly authorised agent at such place as we may appoint. If you do not do so we may repossess the Vehicle or Vehicles at your expense wherever it may be.
  3. Termination of any booking does not affect the rights or liabilities of the parties under this clause or which have accrued on or before termination.


  1. You shall ensure that any personal information that is disclosed to us in connection with these terms & conditions is disclosed in accordance with all applicable laws relating to privacy (including the Data Protection Act 1998) so as to enable us to use such personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  2. If you are providing personal information to us relating to a third party, you confirm that you have the consent of the third party to share such personal information with us and that you have made the information in our privacy policy available to the third party.
  3. We may use any personal information we obtain in connection with these terms & conditions for the purposes of: verifying identity; processing your vehicle rental or purchase; anti-money laundering; insurance administration and claims and such the other purposes set out in our privacy policy. We may also use personal information we receive in connection with these terms & conditions for marketing purposes in accordance with any marketing preferences we have received.
  4. We may share any personal information with other members of our Group, insurers, law enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies, credit reference agencies, the DVLA and other third parties (which includes third parties we use to assist us with our marketing activities).
  5. This clause will continue in full force after termination of a booking.


Please note communication with Van Hire Genie may be recorded for training, quality control and security purposes.


We allow customers to park their vehicle at our office/yard however we don’t take any responsibility for any damage caused to customer vehicle or their belongings left inside vehicle. Vehicle left parked will be at owner’s risk.  The terms and conditions for parking facility will form a part of general terms and conditions.


You agree that any notice, agreement, disclosure or other communications that we send to you electronically will satisfy any legal communication requirements, including that such communications be in writing.


We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to modify, suspend or discontinue any part of the website at any time, without notice or liability to you or any third party. We also reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to impose limits on certain features and services.


We do not permit any non-service animals in hired vehicles. However, disabilities and the use of service animals are allowed. Please be aware that renters/drivers are responsible to any damage done to the vehicle by their pets and will be charged a cleaning fee for pet hair if found. To avoid cleaning fees, vehicles should be returned clean and free of pet hair.


All vehicles are considered non-smoking. Additional cleaning fees will apply if a vehicle is returned in a condition where it needs to be extensively cleaned and deodorized due to smoking. If you are in a rental vehicle that seems to have been smoked in, please reach to your renting location or contact our customer service team.


  1. Delivery and Collection service is subject to availability. Van Hire Genie reserves the right to cancel the delivery and collection service at any time without prior notice.
  2. You must ensure that when arranging collection or delivery of any vehicles you must be available to receive and inspect them at the given location so that any instances of damage no matter how minor are noted and agreed by both the parties.
  3. You will need to show your driving license and other credentials when taking delivery of the hire vehicle. You shall be liable to pay all the traffic charges (such as congestion, toll, etc.) applicable to avail the vehicle delivery and collection facility.
  4. In the event you require Delivery or Collection outside of working hours, you must contact us in advance so that we can confirm whether or not this is possible. If it is possible, we shall be entitled to charge an additional fee at our discretion.
  5. If a vehicle is ready for collection, the client is fully responsible for the vehicle until keys are handed to Van Hire Genie staff at the clients’ premises. In case of delays, you understand and agree to keep the vehicle for an additional period of 24 hours after the time the rental finishes for us to collect the vehicle, during this time you are responsible for the vehicle; this includes Parking Costs, Damage and Theft, and any other associated costs involved.
  6. If we do not receive documents and credentials before 72 hours prior to booking, we will not be able to deliver or collect vehicle if opted.
  7. ONE-WAY RENTALS: Where offered, an additional fee for one-way rentals is chargeable.


If you have any disagreement/complaint, please contact us through email (complaints@vanhiregenie.co.uk or reservations@vanhiregenie.co.uk). We will try to solve any disagreements quickly and efficiently.

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